911 Means

The means is that BIG ASS Debt...over 73 Trillion!!!

When Congress votes to go to war, it allows the President to Rule by Executive Order
this is where he takes control of Air, Land and Sea, and eveything inbetween
then they sell you out in front of your eyes while laughing and saying

Its known as a back door to the Constitution by way of E.O. ala Adolf Hitler
History Repeats
A Hostile Corporate Takeover from the inside (Hostile-Ink)
Spreading the Wealth Around leaving you broke on the shores THEIR forefathers once conquered.

This is how they plan on enslaving the US into that 1 World Govt, a New World disOrder,
by way of taking the country bankrupt aka spread that wealth around until their is no way out
but to sign bankruptcy papers with the IMF & UN and its check-mate!

They will have conquered America not by militaty warfare, but the guise of war and its founding documents.

The Military Order of King Abdulaziz using the Commanders in Chiefs of the USA
Knight Clinton
Knight Obama
Knight Trump
and Commander Bush

Not only does history repeat, it evolves and disguises itself

from: Ancient Pyramids of Stone
to: The Columns of Rome
DC is a Masonic Throne
with it's idols
White as Bone

from: the piece "Revealed" by The Ever Present iT!

As the Ancient Egyptian Salves built Pyramids of Stone for their Pharoah's
EWE built Corporate Pyramids for False Idols
The Cockeyed Cons of Babylon
Govt Devils Speaking with Fork Tongue

They're acting on an Ancient Hope, meant to be fufilled ~ GW Bush

Novus Ordo Seclorum
don't say i
didn't warn'em

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